Senin, 14 Mei 2018

Peningkatan pada Kebijakan Privasi dan Kontrol Privasi

Updating Our Privacy Policy
Bulan ini, kami memperbarui Kebijakan Privasi untuk memudahkan Anda memahami apa saja informasi yang kami kumpulkan beserta alasannya. Kami juga mengambil langkah-langkah untuk meningkatkan Pemeriksaan Privasi dan kontrol lain yang kami sediakan untuk mengamankan data dan melindungi privasi Anda.
Tidak ada yang berubah pada setelan saat ini atau cara pemrosesan informasi Anda. Kami hanya mengubah cara kami mendeskripsikan praktik kami dan cara kami menejelaskan opsi yang Anda miliki untuk memperbarui, mengelola, mengekspor, dan menghapus data.
Kami membuat pembaruan ini karena diterapkannya peraturan perlindungan data yang baru di Uni Eropa, dan menggunakan peluang ini untuk melakukan peningkatan kualitas bagi pengguna Google di seluruh dunia.
Kebijakan Privasi dibuat lebih mudah dipahami
Struktur lebih sederhana & bahasa lebih jelas
Kami memperbaiki navigasi dan susunan kebijakan untuk mempermudah Anda dalam menemukan hal yang dicari. Kami juga menjelaskan praktik kami secara lebih detail dan dengan bahasa yang lebih jelas.
Video & ilustrasi deskriptif baru
Sering kali penjelasan visual lebih mudah dipahami daripada teks saja, jadi kami telah menambahkan video dan ilustrasi singkat di seluruh kebijakan.
Kontrol privasi tersemat
Kami telah mempermudah proses untuk langsung membuka setelan utama dari kebijakan, sehingga membantu Anda dalam membuat pilihan terkait privasi.
Revisi kebijakan tersedia di sini dan akan berlaku pada tanggal 25 Mei 2018.
Meningkatkan kontrol privasi Anda
Dalam setahun terakhir, kami telah memperbarui Aktivitas Saya agar Anda dapat mengakses dan mengelola data di Akun Google dengan lebih baik. Kami juga telah meluncurkan Dasbor yang didesain ulang, sehingga Anda dapat melihat ringkasan produk yang sedang digunakan serta data yang terkait dengan lebih baik.
Bulan ini, kami telah memperbarui Pemeriksaan Privasi dengan ilustrasi dan contoh baru untuk membantu Anda mengambil keputusan yang lebih baik tentang kontrol privasi utama. Dan karena kami memahami bahwa preferensi Anda mungkin berubah seiring waktu, Pemeriksaan Privasi yang baru memungkinkan Anda mendaftar ke pengingat rutin untuk memeriksa setelan privasi.
Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut hal ini dan kontrol lainnya untuk mengelola privasi, kunjungi Akun Google Anda.

Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

A Holiday Message from EmailMeForm

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There's no better time than now to say Thank You!

We wish you a happy holiday season and extend our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill so far.

We have worked hard over the last year to continue to provide you with the best online form service around. Various improvements we made to the infrastructure, features, and design will guarantee stability, reliability, and compatibility for all your forms. Furthermore, we are launching two new great web services that will help you grow your business in the new 2014.


Take a look at what we've been cooking:

Mobile Responsive Design

We updated our website design to be easily accessible on your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device.

We have also enabled responsive design on all your forms so that they automatically adjust to any screen size that your users might be viewing them.

You don't have to do anything!

The new way we programmed our forms is compatible with any screen, and doesn't depend on you having to write extra code, or detect which device the user is viewing your form on. Read more

Speed Improvement

Our updated infrastructure combined with our new clean look and feel have greatly increased loading speed of our website and all of the hosted forms.

Our new Content Delivery Network (CDN) makes forms quickly accessible anywhere in the world.

New and Improved Templates

We have redesigned and added over a 100 new and improved form and survey templates. We have created advanced ready-to-use forms which will save you valuable time and can get you started in seconds.

See our new Templates


Our forms are now available in over 40 languages.

Automatically change form field labels, validation errors and messages to your own language. If your forms need to use non-latin characters or right-to-left text orientation, we have made a solution for you.

We are also currently working on allowing you to fully customize validation and error messages for all your form and survey fields.


Support Knowledge Base

We created extensive tutorials and help pages and put them all into our new Support Knowledge Base.

Years of experience in providing support allowed us to compile the most asked questions and explain them in a thorough way with detailed screenshots so you can now easily and quickly reference them online on our website.

Browse the Knowledge Base

New Services:


We have been working for a while now on this email marketing solution that we can offer to our users. EmailMyMarketing embodies the best features for creating and managing subscriber lists, drag and drop interface for creating HTML emails, and real-time delivery and engagement statistics.



Keep your website up 24/7 with this new online web-babysitter which can monitor your site, and alert you of any trouble that might arise. Monitor multiple websites in real time, receive instant detailed alerts, and create advanced reports from site data.





We Look Forward To A Great 2014 Together!

~ EmailMeForm Team

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Rabu, 06 November 2013

EmailMeForm - Submission Limit Reached

Dear iklangedebb,

You have reached the maximum limit of submissions for this month.

You are at 100/100 submission for this month. Subsequent submissions will not be collected unless you upgrade your account.If you would like to upgrade to avoid missing any submission emails, please log in and upgrade your account. Alternatively, you may also click on this link :

Basic accounts require users to log into the Accounts area in order to reset their monthly submission limit. Your account is eligible for reset on 2012-01-23.

EmailMeForm™ Team


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Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

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